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    12 fantastic protein foods


    Looking for foods that packs a bit of a protein punch? Look no longer – we've created a list of common and healthy foods that contain a lot of protein.  

    Recent dietary research shows that a higher protein intake isn't just for bodybuilders and professional athletes. Anyone looking to lose weight can benefit from increasing how much protein they eat.  

    In our Protein Balance program we recommend getting at least 25 g of protein at breakfast and lunch plus another 40 g at dinner and 10 g with your snacks throughout the day.  

    Want to learn more? Take a look at our comprehensive guide to losing weight on a high protein diet

    Getting that much protein at every meal can be a challenge so we put together a list of which common foods that contain a good amount of protein. Please note these amounts are for a recommended serve of each food.

    List of high protein foods: Lean raw beef 33 g per 150, Chicken 33 g per 150, Raw white fish 30 g per 150, Tuna 19 g per 95 g can, Milk 10 g per cup, High Protein Milk 15 g per cup, High Protein Yoghurt 15 g per 170 g cup, Cheese 9 g per 35 g, Eggs 8 g per large egg, Tofu 12 g per 100 g, Mixed nuts 7 g per 30 g serve, Legumes 7 g per half cup