5 common problems Protein Balance solves

5 common problems Protein Balance solves

Most weight loss diets fail when people encounter issues like hunger swings, slow metabolism, food cravings, muscle loss and reducing energy intake.

Balancing protein intake leads to better weight loss

If you find it difficult to control your diet, eating more protein at breakfast and across the day may be a good way to lose weight without leaving you hungry and craving unhealthy food. 

Studies conducted by CSIRO have shown that higher protein diets are more effective for both short and long term weight loss and weight maintenance. A report from the CSIRO, Protein Balance: New concepts for protein in weight management, shows that eating more protein, especially at breakfast, may be the key to achieving healthy weight loss.

Our Protein Balance menu plan has many benefits including the following: 

1. Better appetite control

Do you get terrible hunger swings when on a diet? The Protein Balance program helps you feel satisfied and prevents feelings of hunger throughout the day.

2. Metabolic boost

Has your metabolism tended to slow down on previous diets? Protein can increase the thermic affect of food, meaning your body may require more energy to burn through the food, hence keeping your metabolism firing.

3. Reduced food cravings

Are cravings part of the reason you can't lose weight? By eating a high protein breakfast you can reduce cravings throughout the day and at night time.

4. Improved body composition

Worried of losing muscle mass during a diet? Sadly, on many diets this is a real possibility. The Protein Balance program is designed specifically to limit muscle loss while increasing fat loss.

5. Reduced energy intake

Losing weight means decreasing energy intake - but who wants to go hungry? By increasing protein at meals you can substantially lower your energy intake without feeling hungry.

Are you trying to lose weight? Read our comprehensive guide on losing weight on a high protein diet to understand where to begin, what happens when you lose weight, and what doesn't work when it comes to dieting.

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