8 longer-lasting and super healthy fresh foods

8 longer-lasting and super healthy fresh foods

The Government response to the hoarding of food and essentials during the COVID-19 outbreak is pretty clear: don't do it! And we agree: hoarding only means that the people who really need access to fresh and healthy foods may not be able to get it.

However, if you want to limit your exposure to crowded areas by taking fewer trips to the supermarket, you may want to look at buying more fresh and healthy foods that will last a while.

Freezing foods is a great option but most people don't have a chest-sized freezer and need to make do with the relatively small freezer space on top of or below their refrigerator.

That's why we've picked out 8 food items that will stay fresh and nutritious in the fridge or cupboard without the need for a freezer.

Remember, when packing your fridge full of fresh foods, try to give each item a bit of space to help air circulate better around the food, so don't just cram them all in the crisper.


1-2 months in fridge

The cabbage is lettuce's workman-like but not as flashy cousin. Sure, it doesn't look as fresh in a salad and isn't traditionally thought of as an exotic food, but for usability and crunch you can't go wrong with cabbage.

Your friend the cabbage is high in vitamin C as 100 g contains 60% of your daily need, and also contains a decent amount of dietary fibre.

A properly wrapped cabbage can last up to 2 months when stored in the fridge.


1-3 months in cupboard

Have you ever tried to omit onion from a recipe that called for onion? Didn't taste the same, did it? Onions are an essential part of our cuisine, and for good reason: they make almost everything taste better.

They will last 1-3 months in a cool and dark cupboard and the same time in the fridge.

Onions give you a tiny jolt of vitamins C and B-6, and some dietary fibre.

Sweet potatoes

2-4 months in cupboard

In these low-carb times, sweet potatoes have found themselves on the no-fly list, but that is almost completely undeserved. Sure, if you deep fry your spuds in fat, they aren't doing your health any favours but a lovely batch of baked sweet potato wedges absolutely has a place in a healthy diet.

Sweet potatoes have an overkill of vitamin A with 100 g containing almost 3 times (!) as much as you need each day.

They will last 2-4 months in a cool and dark cupboard.


3-4 weeks in fridge

For more crunch in any meal, look no further than celery. While certainly not a nutritional bomb, celery also doesn't contain many calories and is a perfect mid-afternoon snack.

Celery will last 3-4 weeks in the fridge, although if it's not being cooked, you'll want to eat it sooner rather than later.


1-3 months in fridge

Like the onion, the carrot is another vegetable that just quietly does its job in a meal. Carrots are also great snacks to keep around: simply peel, slice into sticks, and keep them immersed in water to maintain freshness. Add some celery sticks and apple slices and you have yourself a very decent snack!

Carrots contains an abundance of vitamin A and a good amount of vitamin C and dietary fibre.

They will last 1-3 months in the fridge if they are properly sealed.


1 month in fridge

Apples are picked from mid-summer until mid-winter so right now they are at their very best - and cheapest! Slice them up for a quick snack or bake an apple cake to really enjoy the most versatile of fruits.

Apples contain a decent amount of vitamin C and dietary fibre and will last up to a month in the fridge. Just make sure the apples are kept wrapped tightly as gases from apples can spoil other fresh foods.

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Lemons and limes

2 weeks in fridge

Citrus fruits like lemons and limes are at their best and cheapest from January to April, so get them now while they are big and juicy. If drinking tap water gets boring in the long run, squeeze half a lime or lemon into a jug and enjoy the good life.

Both lemons and limes are very high in vitamin C and will last at least 2 weeks in the fridge.


2 weeks in fridge

Pears seem to have a ability to turn from rock hard to mushy overnight - the secret is to keep them in the fridge. They are delicious on their own or sliced up with a bit of cheese and a couple of walnuts.

Pears have a decent amount of vitamin C, K and a good amount of dietary fibre. They'll last for 2 weeks in the fridge.

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