Eliza joined to regain balance in her diet

Eliza joined to regain balance in her diet

After years of trying different types of diets, Eliza was never able to budge the weight and keep it off – until now. Eliza has lost an impressive 15 kg* with the Total Wellbeing Diet and attributes the program’s realistic approach to weight loss and balanced meals to her weight loss success story.

*In 6 months. Individual results may vary.

How did you put on the weight?

I’ve always struggled with my weight, especially since I’m very much an emotional eater. I suffered from depression for many years, up until about 7 years ago, so I think eating things like chocolate or cakes would make me feel better… for a minute anyway, then I felt guilty

What was life like before the weight loss?

My weight was always an issue on so many levels. I’ve also struggled finding the right food and exercise program for me that was sustainable.

I felt uncomfortable within my body, my energy and fitness levels were often very low. There were so many things every day that would remind me I was carrying too much weight.

Can you describe what your diet was like before the weight loss?

It was a mixture of healthy and unhealthy. It certainly wasn’t balance and I can see how portion sizes play a massive part in how I got to the size I did. I use to eat until I was full, I had a big appetite.

What was your past experiences with other diets like?

I’ve done more strenuous diets over the years; they were too extreme and I was never going to be able to sustain it. Although I would often lose up to 10-15 kg, at that point, my motivation, focus and commitment had completely deteriorated and it seems my body was craving everything I had been neglecting it.

Now I can see the difference between being full, and how much my body actually needs. I know it will take time to adjust to the latter long-term but it’s great to be able to clearly see the difference.

Why did you choose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet?

This will sound a little cliché but I was feeling really down and stuck because I was trying to find a realistic weight loss program that I knew I could stick with, that wasn’t expecting me to go to the gym five days a week!

Right at that moment I looked up and I saw the Total Wellbeing Diet program advertised on a morning show and thought it seemed interesting. I had a look into it further and starting feeling quiet positive about it. I signed up within a couple of days and, as it turns out, so did two of my friends with great success.

I’ve never been able to eat so much, including foods I wouldn’t have thought I could eat and yet the weight still comes off.

Eliza’s top 5 tips to weight loss

  1. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up and feel embarrassed, depressed or regretful for the weight you’ve gotten to. Accept it and know you’re already making a change.
  2. Don’t ever focus on how much you have to lose, focus on what you have lost.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to get down or disheartened if you’re not seeing the results you want just yet, there is no benefit to that. Instead, just focus on something that’s going to bring your motivation back up again.
  4. Some exercise is better than none. I love walking so all my exercise consists of walking. Even just 10 minutes helps.
  5. At least have a rough idea of what you’re going to eat for the week. Breakfasts are easy. For lunch or dinner, if you need to by healthy pre-packaged foods if you lack time, then do it. Do whatever you need to do to stick to the program as closely as you can. Do batch cook ups on the weekend and put them in the freezer – they’re great when you lack time/too tired.

*Individual results may vary

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