For Kelly, the weight seemed to melt off

For Kelly, the weight seemed to melt off


As a volunteer for the NSW State Emergency Service, Kelly was struggling with safety regulations due to her weight. She fretted sitting down on plastic bistro chairs in case they would collapse underneath her - and perhaps worse - she wanted to be a better role model for her child.

Over the years, Kelly's weight climbed to 116 kg due to too many indulgences and too much fast food.

Turning Point

The disruption to her daily life and embarrassment hurt, however it was when she was in hospital for a lumbar puncture and diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension that Kelly began to take her weight seriously.

"The doctor had to use a bigger needle because I had too much fat around my spine. I was diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension and I would need to get a shunt put into my head. With a baby and a whole life ahead of me, this was it."

Sitting on the hospital bed, Kelly hastily googled for a solution and found the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Kelly before weight loss

Sustainable results

With the encouragement of a full refund* and reading through the CSIRO’s scientific approach to losing weight, Kelly felt reassured that the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet would be a plan she would find easy to follow and stick to long term.

"When I realised I could get a refund if I followed a few simple steps, I couldn’t sign up quick enough. It was a great motivator and kept me accountable."

Kelly after weight loss

Visible results, an easy to follow program and a large variety of real whole food recipes made the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet so simple for Kelly, her weight "seemed to melt off".

"The flexibility yet structure kept me interested and I loved the menu plans and the ability to swap meals at any time was a real bonus. The charts were unreal as well! They were great at holding me accountable with my units mapped out next to me."

Relationship with food

Having completed our Diet Types survey, Kelly was armed with insightful knowledge about her personality and her relationship with food to help keep her on track throughout her journey.

"Diet Type was spot on for me. When I was having a bad day, I would refer back to my Diet Type. I’m 'The Thinker' and I remembered not to dwell on my feeling of messing up and recognise my awesomeness, and read through some of the forums and look at my results page."

No fear

After completing the 12 Week Program with a total loss of 22.5 kg*, Kelly can now climb ladders without being petrified of the weight restrictions, sit in any chair, keep up with her toddler and buy clothes off the rack. She received a full refund* and is now using it to continue her weight loss with Program 2.

*In 6 months. Individual results may vary. 

Kelly's top tips

  1. For starting your weight loss journey

    Start. Set your date, clear your cupboards, fridge, and start!
  2. On staying motivated

    Weigh in, measure yourself and follow the program. If you have a bad day don’t beat yourself up and pack it in. Reset your mind and start again. Don’t let one bad day ruin all your hard work. If you struggle and need a treat pop it in your indulgence calculator, you may be surprised. If you get a bad surprise work it off, double your walk, garden that little bit longer - one bad day in 12 weeks is a drop in the ocean. .0003 kg loss is still a loss.
  3. If you’re time poor in regard to eating/cooking and/or exercise

    This program is simple and fast in regards to prep for eating and cooking. Check out the menu the week before and swap the meals where you know you won’t have time to eat and cook. You need to make time for you though. It used to take me approximately 20 minutes a night to cook my dinner. It would take me longer to drive to get fast food or order take away. If you are really struggling to make it to the shops click and collect your order or get home delivery! You are worth it and so is your health and happiness!

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