Getting back to the real you

Getting back to the real you

Liza grew up skinny and throughout her twenties she sat at a healthy 60 kg. That changed after she met her partner - now husband - and she gained what she considers 'happy fat'. 

"It didn't bother me. I was in love and he loves me for who I am," she says.

After getting married, Eliza and her husband went on to have three children in four years. Having the babies so close together meant Liza didn't have a chance to lose weight in between. She tried to eat healthy meals during the week and leave the weekend as a 'guilt free' zone. 

Faced with reality

After a night out with friends, Liza was faced with photos taken from the evening.

"I went out with a group of friends. One of them posted a photo to Facebook and I was horrified," Liza says. "I couldn't see past my huge arms and I felt really unattractive for the first time. I knew I had just had a baby 6 months earlier and three beautiful kids at home, but I didn't feel like I was looking at the real me."

After seeing an advertisement on television for our Diet Type Survey, Liza did some further research of her own into the principles of our 12 Week Program. She realised she needed a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix diet.

Follow the plan

Previously Liza had found it difficult to find the time to cook healthy meals and found that too often she fell back on old habits. With the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, she found a plan and structure that worked for her and her family.

"Having the whole week planned out made it easy and achievable. I was at home with three young children so this provided me with some structure. All I had to do was follow the plan and all the hard work was done for me," she says.

New lease on life

Not only does Liza feel like herself again, having dropped three dress sizes from a size sixteen to a size ten, she also feels she has a new lease on life. Her energy levels are back, and she can now enjoy and experience wonderful moments with her children. 

"I can do a lot more with my children, we can run around the house or park, without losing my breath, chasing each other... I can even fit into the swing," Liza says.

Liza's top tips

For starting your weight loss journey

  • Ask yourself if you are really the happiest you can be with your weight
  • Get yourself into the right head space and make the commitment
  • Keep yourself accountable and set some achievable milestones

On staying motivated

  • Have a support person that will encourage you
  • Track your measurements! They will show results before the scales
  • Celebrate each milestone along the way with a new top or pair of pants that make you feel great

If you're time poor in regard to eating/cooking and/or exercise

  • Park as far from the supermarket or shopping centre as you can and walk across the car park
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Pick the grilled option with salad if you are eating out
  • Be organised! Having a plan deters you from straying off track!

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