Lost the weight the scientific way

Lost the weight the scientific way

It was Graeme's family and GP who made him realise he needed to lose weight. At 60 he was 20 kg overweight and started to feel the effects of carrying the extra weight.

As it so often does, his weight had been increasing slowly year after year with no sudden realisation that he needed to do something about it.

Graeme didn't really have a problem with food in that he always ate reasonably healthy but he realised he was eating too much and sometimes indulge in too many unhealthy snacks.

"My GP advised me that if I did not bring my weight gain under control, then as I aged my weight would continue to increase, with a growing possibility of adverse health consequences," Graeme says.

"I also suffered from indigestion which was likely due to my overweight condition."

Scientific approach

He tried other diets before joining the Total Wellbeing Diet but with little success. As an engineer, Graeme believes in a scientific approach to most things - also diet - and that's why he eventually chose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

"I believe in applying the outcomes of scientific research as a low risk approach to achieving your goals," he says.

"Seeing this program and believing that if I followed the program I was likely to lose weight, combined with receiving on the same day an email offering me a membership discount, I decided to join and give the program a go."

With the Total Wellbeing Diet, Graeme lost 20 kg* and is now at a healthy weight.

*In 9 months. Individual results may vary.

Learned how to control his diet

He thinks the reason he was so successful was that he wasn't just following a menu plan - he learned how to use food group units to control his diet. Because the Total Wellbeing Diet teaches a flexible way to think of nutrition, Graeme was able to keep losing weight even when away on holidays.

"I believe that the Total Wellbeing Diet use of food group units is a much easier method for managing the quantity of food consumed, than counting calories," he says.

More everyday energy

There have been other nice changes in his life as well apart from his improved health. While you may expect that a healthy diet would be more time consuming, Graeme found the opposite – he has more time and energy than before.

"I found that as my weight reduced, my feelings of tiredness decreased and I actually gained time by no longer needing to sit down and have a rest or cup of tea when coming home from work. This freed up time for cooking and exercise," he says.

"From a personal perspective, I feel much fitter and no longer feel tired when arriving home from work. From a family perspective, I have developed a much greater interest in food since starting the diet and now enjoy doing the food shopping and cooking, much to my wife’s pleasure," Graeme says.

Graeme received a full refund of his initial fee when he completed the Total Wellbeing Diet 12 Week Program.

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