Lisa finds exercise easier and more fun now

Lisa finds exercise easier and more fun now

Despite a daily exercise routine, Lisa wasn't seeing as much progress in her fitness as she would have liked. With the help of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Lisa transformed her eating habits, lost 14.3 kg*, received a refund and finally started to see big fitness improvements. 

Starting weight: 88.6 kg

Current weight: 74.3 kg

Total loss: 14.3kg*

*In 4 months. Individual results may vary.

Lisa's story

Describe your life before the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

I’ve been overweight since I was in my early 20’s. I have always been really active – I hike 10 to 15 km a week, have a personal training session at least once a week, walk every day, go to the gym and do reformer pilates – so I knew being overweight was due to what I ate.

I was snacking too much; I found through the last two years that all the treats we used to go out for had found their way into our house – ice creams, wine, gin, chips, take away food. They all became normal rather than treats (I partly blame COVID!)

The impetus behind starting the program was that I simply wasn’t feeling good. I was struggling to find clothes that fit, and I was seriously worried I was going to end up with type 2 diabetes (I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies) in my mid 40’s.

How has your life changed since you lost the weight?

I can buy clothes brands I haven’t fit into for years!

I can run (3 km and counting). Exercise is so much easier and a lot more fun; I didn't realise how hard all that exercise actually was until I lost the weight. Now I can see the muscle development and I am loving it so much more.

I’m happier – we eat better and make much better decisions for the whole family. I look at my trolley when I grocery shop and feel so happy with the choices we are making as a family. I really enjoy it now when we go out or make the decision to have a “treat”.

Why do you think the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet worked for you?

I worked out that if I was eating meals with good nutrition, I wasn’t hungry and didn’t crave anything (which surprised me – I was worried about how I was going to manage afternoon sugar cravings but I didn’t have any) so I felt great

The program helped me realise that empty carbohydrates like cakes, bread, biscuits, lollies, chocolate and wine make me put on weight and leave me feeling blah. Filling my diet with grainy breads, crackers, more fruit and some veg (I really don’t like veggies very much) left me feeling much more satisfied.

Also, the fast weight loss in the beginning was really motivating (I lost almost 2 kg in one week!) My goal was to lose 10 kg before Christmas, which I did (I started 19 October). I was then motivated over the holiday period to maintain the 10 kg loss, which I did and didn’t feel like I missed out at all.

How did the incentive of a refund motivate you during your program?

The refund wasn't the main reason I signed up, but it was an added bonus. It made me weigh in and take measurements and photos, which post Program 1, I am not quite as good at. It also helped me justify it to my husband (who just quietly has lost 15kg since I started the program!)

The refund motivated me to stay on track throughout the program; I’m good at tracking food so I think I would always have done that, but it was the measurements and weighing in that it mostly helped me with. I am so glad that I have the before and after photos, which I probably wouldn’t have been so diligent with without the refund criteria to meet.  

Lisa loves exercising and shopping for new clothes after her weight loss

What advice do you have for others trying to lose weight?

Stick with the program and trust the science. Don’t be disheartened when the scales go up because they will. Understand why and use it as planning or motivation.

Don’t deny yourself things – most things can fit (within reason) in the program. Feeling like I was denying myself was the number one reason nothing else worked long term for me.

Lisa's day on a plate

Breakfast: Oats with Greek yoghurt and fresh berries with a long black coffee

Lunch: Two poached eggs with one slice of wholemeal toast with avocado 

Dinner: Sticky chilli salmon with Asian herb noodle salad 

Snacks: Large skim latte, lightly salted chickpeas, passionfruit yoghurt

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