I'm now the best version of me

I'm now the best version of me

Before discovering the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Emma Jade's eating habits were chaotic—oversized meals, processed foods, sweets, and excessive alcohol were the norm. Exercise was sporadic, often abandoned after a few days. Her bad habits led to weekly weight gain and not fitting into her clothes anymore.

Depressed that she had let herself go and afraid of the long-term health implications, after her father died of multiple weight related health issues, Emma knew she had to make a change. With the help of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, she lost an impressive 32.7 kg, regaining both her confidence and health, and feeling like the best version of herself!

Name: Emma Jade
Starting Weight: 110.7 kg
Current Weight: 78 kg
Total Loss: 32.7 kg*

*Lost in 1 year. Individual results may vary. 

Losing the weight

Emma Jade before and after photo

Describe your life before the weight loss.

Before the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet my eating habits were out of control. I would eat meals the size of four or more portions. I ate lots of processed foods, lots of sweets and drank a lot of alcohol. I never really exercised and if I did I would do it for a few days then give up. In the end I can remember sitting on an outdoor chair and being too scared to move in case I broke it.

What was ‘your moment of truth’ that made you decide you finally had to lose the weight?

I knew I had to lose weight when I jumped on the scales and saw I was consistently putting on 1 kg per week and could not fit into my size 18 pants anymore. I was horrified that I had let it get so far, I was only 39 and had a lifetime to live with my family. My dad had also recently passed away from multiple issues due to being morbidly obese. I knew I had to put my health first.

Gaining life

Emma Jade's after photo in the kitchen.

Have you tried other diets in the past and why did you choose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet?

I had tried multiple diets over the years but most of them make you feel like you’re giving up all the foods you love - they have no flavour, and you feel thrown in the deep end to rapidly start a whole new lifestyle.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet made me feel confident that I could achieve my goals and to start with, I aimed low. I only set out to lose 5 kg in the first 12 weeks, but ended up losing over 12 kg! I never felt like I was missing out with this diet and, I loved cooking all the delicious recipes.

Describe how your life has changed since losing the weight?

I feel so much better both mentally and physically. I do not have to think about putting clothes on and if I will have extra lumps and bumps hanging out. No more over sized tops to cover up and feel embarrassed. 

For the first 6 months of the diet, I didn’t do any exercise. All I wanted to focus on was changing my diet and eating habits and by just focusing on that I lost 20kgs. I added in the exercise for my enjoyment and put no pressure on myself to go crazy with it. Now I love exercising which is something I never thought I would say!

My weight loss has also helped with my Crohn’s Disease. For a long time I struggled to find recipes I could eat, but as I followed the CSIRO diet I could feel the difference within my body, not adding extra salt and sugar. Having a lighter diet means that prep for my annual colonoscopy is much easier for me now.

Emma Jade's after photo, outdoor balcony

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

I feel I'm now the best version of me. I have so much more energy and I am even considering entering a half marathon this year! I want to be happy and healthy for both myself and my family. Hopefully I will end up finishing a full marathon one day soon, and keep pushing myself to try new things - I know I'm capable! 

What is the biggest lesson/s you have learnt from the whole journey?

Take it easy on yourself, and do not do it for anyone but yourself. I found that if I was being told by other people what I should or shouldn’t be doing I would eat myself into oblivion. You will know when you are mentally ready when you can finally feel you are in charge of your own destiny and just go for it. Consistency is the key and it can be hard, but once you show up every day and do it yourself you are winning!

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Emma Jade's day on a plate

Breakfast: Very berry bircher oats. I make several batches in advance so I always have breakfast ready to go.
Lunch: Creamy chicken salad. I also switch up the protein to salmon or tuna.
Dinner: Satay tofu and mushroom stir-fry. This is the best meal! I could eat this every night and the homemade satay sauce is amazing and super easy.

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