Christine's Journey: Breaking the cycle and finally saying 'enough'

Christine's Journey: Breaking the cycle and finally saying 'enough'

Christine promised herself she would lose weight every Monday but had slipped back into bad habits by the end of the week, until one day she said enough!

Name: Christine 
Starting Weight: 118 kg
Current Weight: 69.2 kg
Total Loss: 48.8 kg*

*Lost in 15 months. Individual results may vary. 

Losing the weight

Christine before and after weight loss.

Describe your life before the weight loss.

I had always had weight issues. At my lowest pre CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, I was down to 90 kg but had yoyo-dieted for most of my adult life.

Before losing weight, I was in constant pain with soreness in my knees and lower back.  

I couldn’t walk very far without having to stop because the pain was so intense. Stopping at the shops and buying Twistees and chocolate was a normal occurrence. I would always plan to start losing weight ‘on Monday’. 

What was ‘your moment of truth’ that made you decide you finally had to lose the weight? 

In January 2023 I was unwell with a severe sinus infection where I just couldn’t get better. I decided there and then that I need to feel well. To be able to enjoy my life without pain. To feel good about myself.  

Have you tried other diets in the past and why did you choose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet? 

I’m sure I’ve tried every diet on this planet but I never owned it. I never realised I needed to change my life and why I ate what I did. I was open and upfront with family, friends and work colleagues. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is tried and tested. I even had the books. I needed the guidance and help to plan how to do this. 

Christine before and after weight loss.

Did you also purchase Fast Start Meal Replacement Shakes as part of your weight loss journey?  

Yes, I did the first 3 weeks with shakes for breakfast and lunch. 

Why did you pick Fast Start meal replacement shakes over other options?  

I had decided to try CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and the Fast Start meal replacement shakes were part of that diet. It made sense to keep the plan together. 

Did it cut through the noise and make it easier for you to lose weight at the start of your weight loss journey?  

Yes it did, it was a simple approach and I didn't have to consider what to do at the beginning. I really enjoyed being able to cook dinner after shakes throughout the day. 

Were you attracted to the fact that Fast Start is part of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet which is supported by science 

Having real information based on science make sense. There are too many dodgy options that really don’t have proven backing. 

What was the biggest challenge of the whole process?  

Learning to only eat what I needed. Being able to say no to extra food. 

Describe a typical day now in terms of what you eat (including favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe from the program) as well as exercise?  

Favourite breakfast: Wholemeal crumpet with ricotta and banana or strawberries and blueberries and a little spread of crunchy peanut butter! 

Favourite lunch: Brown rice with corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and chicken with sweet chilli sauce. 

Favourite dinner: There are many and each week is different. I do love the Pork larb with the wombok salad and sweet chilli sauce, soy and lemon juice dressing. 

Christine after weight loss.

Gaining life

Describe how your life has changed since losing the weight? Are there any activities you do now that you never thought you would be able to do before?  

I love to cook, in fact I’ve fallen in love with cooking again but I have learnt the value of the type of food I’m cooking and eating. I never knew that a cherry tomato could taste so good! 

I have always loved clothes, being well dressed is something that I am completely committed to the choices I now have are unbelievable. Walking into stores that once I would have walked past and trying on clothes that are smaller than I ever thought possible is almost like a dream come true.   

Being able to go for a walk with my sister and her beautiful boxer…and keep up with them is remarkable. I have no pain; I exercise most days whether with the exercises at home or going for a walk. I’m sleeping for 6 – 7 hours a night, unbelievable! 

My mind is calm and my emotions are under control. I now know how to mange my stress and it’s not with food. 

Did you overcome any health ailments after the weight loss? 

The pain in my knees and lower back are reduced to almost nothing. 

Christine before and after weight loss.

Do you have any goals and aspirations for the future?  

To be as healthy as I can be.

What is the biggest lesson/s you have learnt from the whole journey?  

I had to be ready to do this for myself. That by being open and upfront I received amazing support and encouragement from my family and friends.   

I make a choice everyday about how I live and that started with the first day of using the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet to help me change my life. 

Tracking my food makes you aware of any extras I might have had. It’s a habit now so I think about what I’m eating before I eat it.  

What advice do you have for others trying to lose the weight?  

Find what works for you. Be prepared to make a change in how you want to live. Trust that there are people that will have your back if you choose to embark on a change in lifestyle. Don’t give up! 

What are your 3 top reasons why the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet worked for you?  

1. Tracking my food everyday 

2. Weighing in every week 

3. Meal plans and the grocery list  

Would you recommend new members kick start their CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet journey with Fast Start meal replacement shakes?  

Absolutely, I felt like my body got on track faster and I could see results quicker...I was never hungry and didn't feel fatigued at all.  

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