Peter turned his struggles into success

Peter turned his struggles into success

Peter struggled with low energy, overeating, and health issues that led to medication. His routine involved minimal exercise, and he suffered from joint pain and daily discomfort, which was heightened when having to travel overseas for work.

His life took a transformative turn when he joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Not only did his blood pressure normalise, but cholesterol levels dropped, eliminating the need for medication. Peter's doctor was impressed, offering encouragement to continue the journey.

Name: Peter Scobie
Starting Weight: 132 kg
Current Weight: 90 kg
Total Loss: 42 kg*

*Lost in 30 weeks. Individual results may vary. 

Losing the weight

Peter before photo.

Describe your life before the weight loss.

Lack of energy, taking medication, always overeating and very little exercise - just some walking when traveling to shows internationally. Very uncomfortable on flights, with a lack of room and the meal tray jammed into my stomach. I suffered a lot of aches and pains especially in my shoulders.

What was ‘your moment of truth’ that made you decide you finally had to lose the weight?

I was invited to a conference to do a presentation for the company I worked for. My clothes didn’t fit, there were large gaps down the buttonholes. I had to go out and purchase some new shirts (which are way too big for me now.) I had been looking at the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet as I was very interested in the concept. When I got home, I asked my wife to sign me up and never looked back.

Have you tried other diets in the past and why did you choose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet?

I tried Tony Ferguson, lost weight but then put it all back on. It wasn’t enjoyable, the food allowance was too small and very little choice.

Gaining life

Peter's after photo, outdoors.

Did you overcome any health ailments after the weight loss?

Yes, my blood pressure was back to normal and my cholesterol levels were reduced so no more medication. My doctor was very impressed and encouraged me to keep going.

Describe a typical day now in terms of what you eat (including favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe from the program) as well as exercise?

I follow the daily meal plan except when I'm out or travelling. I like the shakes and muesli recipes and I also enjoyed the zucchini fritters. I enjoy the wraps for lunch and for my evening meals, the vegetable lasagna, shepherd’s pie and salmon dishes are all great.

Describe how your life has changed since losing the weight?

I can work around the yard without stopping for a rest. I can go whipper sniping for hours, where as before an hour would pull me up. I can pick up sticks and branches in the yard before mowing without back problems. Walking is enjoyable and I can easily walk 15 km without any discomfort.

Peter's before and after photo.

Are there any activities that you do now that you never thought you would be able to do before?

I would like to get to 85 kilos and maybe size 34 pants. I’m almost there – I’m currently a 36 from 42 plus.

What advice do you have for others trying to lose the weight?

Try it and follow the meal plans for as long as you can. I enjoy spending the time preparing the meals and planning for the week – it makes it so much easier. It is lucky my wife likes a lot of the evening meals so I prepare two meals. I’m encouraging many of my diabetic friends to give it a go. I know it will change their life as it has for me.

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