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    Pear & Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

    Pear and Cinnamon Pancakes


    Breakfast & Brunch: Serves 1
    Prep time: 5 minutes 
    Cook time: 10 minutes

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    • 25g rolled oats 
    • 3 tsp chia seeds 
    • ¼ tsp baking powder
    • ½ banana, mashed 
    • 2 eggs, beaten 
    • ½ tsp vanilla bean extract (alcohol based) 
    • 100g Greek yoghurt, low fat
    • ½ small pear, thinly sliced 
    • 1  pinch ground cinnamon 


    Use a food processor to finely grind your oats into a flour, then transfer to a large mixing bowl and add the chia seeds and baking powder. Mix to combine. Alternatively, to add texture to your pancakes keep oats whole without processing.

    Add the mashed banana, beaten eggs and vanilla, then stir through.

    Heat a non-stick frypan over a medium heat. Once evenly heated, pour enough of the batter in to make two small pancakes. Once bubbles start to appear (this should only take 2-3 minutes) flip the pancakes and cook the other side until golden and cooked through.

    Place your pancakes on a plate, then top with yoghurt, and arrange pear slices over the top. Sprinkle with cinnamon prior to serving.

    TIP: You may like to drizzle with a teaspoon of honey if you have any daily indulgences to spare.