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Success Stories

    Meet the inspirational people who have lost weight and improved their health with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet! Are you a member and want to be feature? Contact us!

    From losing weight to lifting weights

    Losing weight saved Fiona’s life

    Starting strong was the key to Ken's success

    "I look and feel like I did in my 30s!"

    Fit and fabulous at 60

    Mum reveals the secrets to her weight loss

    Karen's new lease on life

    How a busy mum got her family healthy

    Mark went from burned out to a new lease on life

    Lyn lost 68 kgs* and got her life back!

    A Fit and Fabulous Foodie

    How Terry lost over 50% of his body weight

    Back to pre-pregnancy weight after 4 babies

    Glenda is now medication free!

    Peter's GP scared him into losing weight

    Hazy eye sight scare made Gary take action

    Walking the road to success

    Ian beat sleep apnoea with weight loss

    Fear of sleep apnoea made Rebecca join

    A high protein diet was the key to Jes's weight loss success

    It's never too late to try new food groups

    Hiking to success

    Planning ahead helped Peter shed the weight

    For Kelly the weight seemed to melt off

    Portion control your way to success

    Getting back to the real you

    Keeping up with baby number 4

    Tracking helped Amy meet her goals

    Eat to live, don't live to eat

    Carol no longer hides from the cameras

    Separation leads to big lifestyle changes for Trish

    Two goals smashed - weight and half marathon

    Jennifer is excited about clothes shopping again

    It’s all about a positive body image

    Lost the weight the scientific way

    Ellen overcame her weakness for sugar

    Rebecca wanted to lose the weight for her family

    George wanted to lose the weight for his daughter

    Too busy to lose weight? Think again!

    Undertaking the challenge together made us feel closer as a couple

    Julie slimmed down for her daughter's 21st

    Caught in a cycle of emotional eating and exercise

    Sam gained back her sense of adventure

    Yo-yo dieter LeAnn wanted a research-based diet program

    Ivette fell in love with the food

    Eliza joined to regain balance in her diet

    Weight gain and sleep apnoea became a vicious cycle

    "I wake up a lot better. When I wake up, I actually feel refreshed!"

    "I buy size 14 trousers! I haven’t bought that size since I was 18!"

    Leann wasn't getting the results she wanted in the gym

    "I feel like I have myself back"

    Mum of 3 Chiara joined to be a better role model for her children

    Sam wanted to lose weight to save his health

    Ged and Therese joined forces to lose weight

    With 3 young children Kelly decided her health had to improve

    Health issues and weight creep got Ged moving to lose the extra kilos

    Teacher Michael trusted the science and integrity of the CSIRO

    Andrew went from overweight to athlete

    Kerry wanted to boost her self esteem and confidence

    Lyn took back control of her diet

    Jim and Christine wanted to return to their active lifestyle