Fit and fabulous at 60

Pat diet success at 60

There is barely a time that Pat doesn’t remember being overweight.

Her first memory of gaining weight was when she was about seven or eight years old, which she attributes to her parent’s mantra that she eats every single crumb on her plate, regardless of her hunger.

This childhood habit started a lifelong weight battle for Pat, who recognises her diet definitely had room for improvement.

“I ate three meals a day with lots of snacks in between, however, the food was half healthy and the rest not so much. I would start off with a good brekkie and good intentions but by mid-afternoon, all good intentions went out the window and I would end up eating chips, chocolate bars and biscuits,” she explained.

To combat this, Pat tried nearly every diet on the market. While some would provide instant success, Pat was never able to maintain the weight loss long term and would end up reverting back to her old habits.

Moment of truth

Things changed, however, when Pat turned 60. Two family members close to her age passed away who hadn’t had any health issues, and this shock spurred her into action to get fit and healthy for her family, and most importantly, for herself.

“I had a goal and I was ready psychologically and emotionally,” Pat explained. “It was finally my time as I had always put myself last”.

When Pat came across the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet on TV, the menu plans and the philosophy of real food, instead of meal replacements and shakes, really appealed to her.

She signed up, started following the program and before long she had lost an incredible 17 kgs*!

*In 34 weeks. Individual results may vary.

“I was impressed with the variety of menu plans and the way the website was designed and easy to navigate. I liked that I didn’t have to cook different meals for the family, and I liked that I didn’t have to attend meetings like other diet programs”.

“The Total Wellbeing Diet had all the elements for my success... great food, easy website, affordable, great support and great Facebook community”.

A new lease on life 

Pat gained back her body confidence and love of shopping after her weight loss, but best of all, her health improved dramatically.

“I have so much energy now and I feel amazingly great! I can walk up the steep road to my house that I struggled with at the beginning of last year. I can go to the beach and I am wearing size 8 and 10 clothing which has never happened. My friends and family are gobsmacked with the new me!”

And they aren’t the only ones. When Pat had a full check-up after her first 12 weeks on the program, her doctor was surprised by the positive change in her cholesterol and blood sugar level results.

“My Mum had Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, so I had to keep an eye on that to make sure I didn’t have the same outcome as her,” Pat explained.

“My body aches have lessened, and I haven’t had a cold or flu since I started the plan. My brain is no longer foggy, and I don’t get the low sugar level shakes at 3pm anymore. I’m so happy with my health at the moment”.

Pat plans to maintain her current weight for the rest of her life and wold love to walk part of the 1,000 km Bibbulmun track in Western Australia. She also now has a much healthier and balanced outlook on eating.

“Life is up and down, the same as our weight loss journey. But I have learnt to be resilient and not give myself the guilt trip. Now I just shake off the dust and start again”.

“We have to be kind to ourselves and keep positive - even if we’ve had a binge!”

Pat’s Top 6 Tips For Success

    1. Go hard for the first 4-weeks and stick to the menu plan
    2. Stay on track with the diary and it will become second nature after a while
    3. Join the Facebook community and you will realise that there are hundreds of people like you and that you are not alone
    4. Get your family or partner involved with the menu and get their input on what dishes you all want to have
    5. Take each day at a time
    6. When you have a great day on the plan, pat yourself on the back before you go to bed. And when you have a great week, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate with one of your indulgences like a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate!

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