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    "I feel like I have myself back"


    Weight was never really an issue for Wendy before she reached her late 40s and menopause hit. She had always been slim and enjoyed very good health but with the onset of menopause, she gained around 15kg.

    The extra weight didn't budge and Wendy was worried that she'd never get back to her old, slim self again. When her GP gave her an ultimatum about her weight, she decided to join the Total Wellbeing Diet.

    The ultimatum was this: change your diet and lose weight or get on cholesterol meds for the rest of your life.

    "I've never taken medications on a regular basis and I've always enjoyed very good health. I joined the Total Wellbeing Diet because I very much wanted to keep it that way," Wendy says.

    She decided to join the Total Wellbeing Diet after her physiotherapist recommended the program.

    Wendy loves to cook so with the Total Wellbeing Diet menu plans, it was love at first sight. She kept the diary regularly to make sure she didn't stray and she believes today that this habit has changed the way she eats and cooks permanently.

    "I have always exercised a lot but now I go for a walk every day no matter what, plus I swim 2k each week," she says. "I'm also able to keep up my ballroom dancing, which is and for many years has been a major joy for me".

    Wendy ended up losing 15kg* on the Total Wellbeing Diet and has set a firm goal for the future: stay fit, slim, active and healthy.

    *In 4 months. Individual results may vary. 

    Wendy's top tips to lose weight

    • Cooking something simple is quicker than ordering take away
    • Cook extra meals, like a recipe for 4 serves, then freeze the rest
    • Go for a walk instead of eating chocolate

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