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    It’s all about a positive body image


    Leane has tried every diet under the sun and can't remember not being on some sort of diet over the last 20 years. But it was the Total Wellbeing Diet that changed her eating habits for good and helped her lose 15 kg*.

    *In 6 months. Individual results may vary. 



    Diet Type: Thinker

    It was Leane’s husband that suggested she tried the Total Wellbeing Diet. After doing the Diet Types survey Leane found out she is what we refer to as a Thinker.

    “As I was reading about the Thinker Diet Type, I was doing a fair bit of ‘oh wow, that’s really me, this is what I do’. I had no idea!’ Leane says.

    Thinkers are people who get overwhelmed by dieting and crumble under the self-imposed pressure. While their tendency to analyse everything - especially food choices - is a strength, it can also lead to stress.

    Which Diet Type are you? Find out now - it only takes 5 minutes.

    My body has gone through big changes with pregnancy and will never quite look the same. I’m now okay with that because who has the ‘perfect’ body anyway? Having a good self-esteem and positive body image is so much more important, Leane says.

    Exhausted and self-conscious

    "I woke up one day at the start of the New Year and thought to myself, ‘I’m 41 years old and I’m so bloody exhausted. There’s got to be more to my life!’" she says.

    "I felt like I was falling into a heap. I was so tired all the time, my diet was terrible and I was having regular pig-outs. I was self-conscious and avoided having pictures taken because I hated how I looked. I never chased my kids around at the park, preferring to sit and watch".

    Leane has struggled with poor body image since her late teens and despite not being overweight she always felt that she was. She believed that she had to be 'perfect' and control how she looked, so started dieting. 

    Pregnancy weight gain

    Over the course of 3 pregnancies she slowly started to gain weight. The weight came off after the first one but after the second and the third pregnancy returning to a healthy weight became much more difficult.

    With 3 kids in the house, the pressures of balancing work, family and sleep meant she relied on coffee and sugar to stay awake. Home cooked meals gave way for several takeaways each week.

    If it was processed or high in bad carbs and gave me a pick me up, I’d eat it. That’s how I spent each day - living the highs and lows of a sugar rush. I was tired, moody and gained more weight, she says.

    “Juggling part-time work and three children - my youngest was still waking during the night when I went back to work - I was feeling pretty tired so was always reaching for something sweet to give me a pick-me-up.”

    Her energy is back

    After completing the Total Wellbeing Diet Leane feels like a different person. She's at the gym twice a week and spends weekends doing outdoor activities with the kids. More importantly, she just feels better.

    I have so much energy!" Leane says. "I feel so much better about myself and have a spring in my step instead of feeling frumpy, moody and tired all the time, Leane says.

    "I love getting to the park with the kids and racing around. I love our family activities. I’m getting into photos! I’m updating my wardrobe!" 

    Leane’s tips for losing weight

    She also has some great tips for people who are in a similar situation:

    "Slow and steady wins the race. With previous diets, I got impatient and the weight loss had to happen straight away. It wasn’t realistic or sustainable. With the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, I was committed and ready to take it one week at a time," she says.

    "And plan ahead. My husband and I sit down and look at the meal plans and write out a shopping list. For at least two dinner options during the week, we buy extra so we can have leftovers the following night".

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