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    The best food for gut health


    You don't need to trawl the more exotic aisles of the supermarket to find the best gut-friendly foods. What you want to look for is fibre-rich and fibre-diverse foods like wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, legumes and other plant foods.

    Fibre is a core component of a healthy, balanced diet and its benefits for preventing and managing many common gut related disorders is well established. Fibre can also help to lower cholesterol and improve glycaemic control.

    Want to learn more? Check out our comprehensive Gut Health guide!

    Tips for achieving a higher fibre diet

    • Include a variety of fibre-dense whole foods, particularly whole grains
    • Spread fibre evenly throughout the day
    • Increase fibre intake gradually over 1-2 weeks
    • Consume adequate water – this helps move the fibre through your gut

    Breads and cereals

    Breads and breakfast cereals containing rye, wheat and oats are good sources of fibre.

    oats-shutterstock_748791064 wholegrain-bread-shutterstock_1061163656 574903831-crispbread
    Oats High-fibre bread Crispbread


    Legumes are an excellent source of fibre and we recommend including them in meals at least 4 times a week.

    lentils-shutterstock_544535134 chickpeas-shutterstock_496057915 1210934740-baked-beans
    Lentils Chickpeas Baked beans



    All fruit contains fibre as well as important vitamins and minerals, but these varieties are higher in fibre than most.

    underripe-banana-shutterstock_499520641 450601708-raspberries 571355584-oranges
    Bananas Raspberries Oranges


    Like fruit, all vegetables contain fibre and some are higher in fibre than others. Remember, vegetables can be eaten freely on TWD meaning these is no limit on how much you can have.

    139338365-snowpeas 389983477-broccoli 267665951-sweetpotatoes
    Snow peas Broccoli Sweet potatoes