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    The best vegetarian protein foods


    It's probably the most common question asked of vegans and vegetarians: 'how do you get enough protein'? The truth is the vast majority of vegans and vegetarians are not deficient in protein.

    If you're trying to lose weight, however, getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet can be challenging. Our Protein Balance philosophy recommends eating at least 25 g at each meal and around 100 g of protein each day.

    Want to understand more about protein and weight loss? Read our complete guide to losing weight on a high protein diet.

    As always, the key is planning

    The key to all weight loss diets is planning. And because vegetarian foods are generally lower in protein, this is even more true if you're trying to lose weight on a plant-based diet.

    Plant-based foods are available everywhere and are often cheaper than animal-based foods, so if you’re worried about the price of a high protein diet, this may be the way to go. Lots of people are now embracing a flexitarian diet where they limit the amount of meat the consume throughout the week.

    The most common, high-protein foods

    By eating a varied diet with foods from the list below you can plan a high protein vegetarian weight loss diet. And remember, plenty of products, like dairy, tofu, bread and pasta have naturally higher protein, or protein-enriched varieties that make the planning easier.

    354423752-yoghurt-3x2  534733546-lentils-250x166   25126336-legumes-3x2

    Greek yoghurt (100 g)
    7 g protein

    Dried lentils (100 g)
    24 g protein

    Soya beans &
    other legumes
    (100 g)
    8 g protein (cooked)




    Green peas (100 g)
    6 g protein

    Cottage cheese (100 g)
    12 g protein

    Quinoa (100 g)
    4.4 g protein

     277487237-ancientgrains-250x166 586996274-cheese-3x2   350047496-egg-3x2

    Ancient grains (100 g)
    10 g protein

    Cheese (100 g)
    27 g protein

     Eggs (large)
    8 g protein

    121423354-tofu-3x2   89912491-nuts-3x2 1088839646-peanutbutter-250x166 

     Tofu (100 g)
    12 g protein

    Mixed nuts (100 g)
    22 g protein 

     Peanut butter (100 g)
    22 g protein


    The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is not designed for vegetarian eating patterns but when you join we can provide guidelines for adapting the diet to a vegetarian meal plan.

    CSIRO has not tested whether a vegetarian high protein diet is as effective as an animal-based high protein diet but they do know that vegetable protein is similarly effective in reducing hunger.