Carol no longer hides from the cameras

Carol no longer hides from the cameras

Three things are new in Carol's life since she lost the weight: she buys her clothes in normal sizes, she doesn't shy away from photos and she doesn't dread visiting her GP.

Since joining the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Carol has lost 20 kg* - and she feels great!

*In 26 weeks. Individual results may vary. 

Weight gain

Carol gained the weight over time and has a pretty clear idea of why: for many years her meals were too rich in carbs and processed meats.

The extra weight led to physical aches and pains - especially to her knees and ankles. Her doctor also said her blood sugar and cholesterol levels had become unhealthy.

But the final straw came when she was on holiday in Queensland.

"I was embarrassed to be in photos – I always tried to hide behind other people and I was mortified when I had to log my weight for a light plane flight over the Great Barrier Reef," says Carol.

Joined because of the books

Having used the books before, Carol decided to join the online version of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet when she learned of the full refund offer.

Her favourite part of the diet quickly became the flexibility of the food groups system which allowed her to put together healthy meals without having to follow a plan too strictly.

"I have a ‘fussy eater’ husband and didn’t like the idea of cooking two separate meals," Carol says.

"It was much easier to adapt our normal eating habits by adding extra vegetables and cutting the bread and carbs."

Her typical diet consists of salad or wraps for lunch and lots of veggies for dinner. And she's more active than she has been for decades - her dog now gets two daily walks!

"I feel great and proud of myself," she says. "I’m looking forward to my next blood tests instead of dreading them!"

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