Health is number one for weight loss

Health benefits of weight loss

New research from CSIRO shows health conditions top the reasons for weight loss in Australian dieters. A survey of over 3,000 members of CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online suggests weight loss is the best medicine for a range of chronic health conditions.

Our key findings are below, but feel free to check out our infographic download here as well!

Health is number 1

People join the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet for a great number of reasons, and we love our ability to help those individuals in their health and wellness goals. Since the Total Wellbeing Diet is backed by scientific research, we often measure our results and check in on our clients to see how they are doing. In this study of over 3,000 members, we found that the majority of respondents (65%) listed concerns about their health as the greatest factor in losing weight. 

Here are the top conditions improved by weight loss:

  • Prediabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Mental health and illness
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Chronic body pain

Interestingly, we can also see from our sample that the more weight you lose, the greater its effect on your overall health conditions. For example, 81% of those who lost the most weight reported improvement in type 2 diabetes compared to 55% of the entire sample. So the more committed members also saw the greatest change in  their particular health concern.

Out of all the respondents, 87% reported at least 1 health condition, while 50% of obese respondents had 3 or more health conditions.

Something that helps many individuals commit to our diet and their overall health is the full refund we give to members who successfully adhere to our 12 Week Program. This includes motivational tips, frequent weight loss checks, and other measures to keep our members engaged!

Benefits beyond health

In addition to the wealth of benefits to the overall health and wellness of our members, we reported additional benefits in wealth and energy levels. 

The average obese member with 3 or more health conditions reported an annual savings of $460 per condition from reductions in medication. And on top of that, 2 out of 3 respondents reported having more, sustained energy levels as a direct result of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. 

The most committed members of our diet found huge benefits in their health, personal and family life and their wallet. Sounds like a win-win! 

For adults with obesity, the greatest health benefits were noticed in the first 5% of body weight lost, meaning the benefits to the health conditions and energy levels were noticed early on in a members diet who committed to the program. If you would like to learn more, click to see more information on the Total Wellbeing Diet or see what some successful members have done!

And don't forget to download the infographic for yourself here.

*Important: Do not reduce or stop medication without seeking the advice of your doctor.

Citation: Hendrie & Williams. CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Online: Member Survey. Understanding the health impacts of the program. CSIRO. 2019.

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