How a busy mum got her family healthy

How a busy mum got her family healthy

Finding the time and motivation to lose weight is hard at the best of times.

This challenge gets infinitely harder for busy mothers who are trying to balance raising kids with working long hours.

Total Wellbeing Diet member Helen was one of these mothers, but she took on the challenge of improving her health and absolutely smashed it, losing 21 kg* in 6 months.

*Individual results may vary.

Fast and convenient

Helen and her husband Ian were used to being busy. With two daughters in full time sport and both parents working, early morning starts and late nights were the norm.

Unfortunately, this meant that healthy eating often took a backseat in favour of food that was quick and convenient.

“With children’s sport and working long hours as a nurse, there was never much time for exercise and cooking,” admits Helen.

“Our diet was mostly fast food and something you could just cook quickly in the oven. We enjoyed eating out, especially at our local fish and chip café. Hot chips were a favourite food of ours.”

The tipping point

At first Helen didn't pay much attention to her gradual weight gain or lack of energy, instead putting it down to her under-active thyroid.

But when her weight tipped over the 90 kg mark and she struggled to fit into size 16 clothing, Helen decided to make a change.

“I used to go to the gym three times a week, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. My weight continued to climb and that’s when I realised it was my eating that was the problem.”

“I researched the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and then I spoke to my husband Ian about signing up online and he said he would do the diet with me if I wanted. And the rest, well, is history.”

A family affair

After 6 months on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Helen lost an incredible 21 kg* and her husband Ian lost 19 kg*.

Inspired by the changes in her parents, daughter Lauren also signed up to the program, losing 5.7 kg* herself.

*Individual results may vary.

Making the journey a family affair made all the difference for Helen in terms of support, and each of their lives has now improved for the better.

“My way of life has completely changed. I have so much more energy and I make time to do things. The program has not really been a diet, it has been a change of lifestyle and habits,” said Helen.

“Going down dress sizes was a big motivation. I now get into size 10 clothing, which is something I haven’t done in about 26 years! I enjoy dressing up and having more confidence to the point of entering Fashions on the Field at the local race meets. Our biggest achievement besides the diet was winning the best couple of the day!”

Her husband, Ian, and daughter, Lauren, have also mastered this new way of life, increasing their exercise and overhauling the way they think about food.

Life changing results

“My life has changed completely,” said Ian. “I’ve got complete control of the menu in pubs and restaurants and I can look at a hot box with chips and just grin to myself and grab a healthy option. I’m enjoying walking and exercise. It’s not a diet for me, it’s a way of life.”

“For the first time in my life I’ve gone down in clothes sizes! I enjoy buying clothes now, which I’ve never done before, and I even get in trouble with Helen for taking so long finding what I want because things look good on me - that’s a complete turnaround!”

Likewise, daughter Lauren is enjoying her new, smaller clothes size and increased energy levels.

“I can now fit into all of my old clothing that I had stashed away 'in case I lost some weight'. I feel comfortable trying clothes on and can even buy clothing online again with confidence that it will fit me," said Lauren.

“I have found that despite exercising considerably more since I started/completed the diet I have way more energy at the end of the day. I also actually enjoy exercising, seeing the progress I am making and watching myself get stronger. Exercising is no longer a chore!"

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