How to look great in workout gear

Exercise and fitness clothing choices

If the thought of wearing body-hugging lycra in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors makes you break out in a nervous sweat -- relax. Workout clothing has come a long way since the unforgiving Jane Fonda leotard, but finding the right gear when you’re a plus size can be daunting.

Workout clothing needs to be tight enough not to get in the way while offering support for your body (and your self-confidence). If you’re tired of wearing a baggy old T-shirt and unflattering tracksuit pants, we can show you how to select gym gear to boost your confidence and improve your appearance while you get physical.

Firm foundations

Regardless of the type of exercise, you need the right underwear. The most important aspect is comfort. Undies that ride up or fall down are an impediment to a good workout. There’s some discussion about which material is best. Cotton allows breathability but also collects moisture that can cause chafing. These days, most good quality workout clothing uses moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the skin.

Sports bras should fit more tightly than a regular bra but still allow you to take a deep breath. Straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders and when you lift your arms over your head, the elastic band shouldn’t move up your rib cage. When you jump on the spot, it should feel supportive.

Baggy or tight?

It’s common for plus size fitness newbies to opt for baggy clothing in the belief it hides your body. But wearing oversized clothing actually detracts from your look and can get in the way when exercising by weighing you down or getting tangled in machines.

The ideal is semi-fitted clothing that follows the shape of your body but doesn’t cling. It also means you can check your form as you exercise. Another reason to avoid baggy clothing is to prevent skin-on-skin contact that causes chafing. You need material to cover vulnerable areas under the arms and the inner thigh – anywhere that rubs. One suggestion is to wear stretch leggings, tights and garments underneath semi-fitted clothing as you tone your perfect posterior and shapely shoulders.

Comfort needs to be your overriding criteria, but a little help to hold your mid-section in place will go a long way to improving your body confidence at the gym.

Dressing for your shape

Apples, pears or bananas – no matter your size, choose gear that enhances your shape. When it comes to gym tops, one trick is to wear a longer singlet under a semi-fitted T-shirt. For gym pants, bootleg cut and capri pants are more flattering gym pants for the fuller figure.

Avoid light colours and busy patterns - plain lines give a more flattering look. Block colours are more slimming with black, navy and dark grey the most popular choices. If you want to use colour, layering is the answer with longer coloured singlet tops under a darker top a slimming strategy.

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