Kerry wanted to boost her self esteem and confidence

Kerry wanted to boost her self esteem and confidence

Kerry put on the weight after losing her partner for whom she had been caring through a longer period of illness. The loss left her depressed, lacking confidence and with low self esteem.

She managed to pull herself through the tough times, lost 20kg* in the process and is today looking absolutely amazing!

*In 7 months. Individual results may vary. 

What was the 'moment of truth' when you knew you had to lose weight?

I saw a psychologist for my depression and low self esteem and she helped me through my problems and overcoming my grief - which was making me overeat.

After seeing the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet discussed on Channel 10, I went to the site and worked out my BMI and that was it. Before I joined, it seemed like an easy program to follow.

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Were there moments when you wanted to give up?

Once I started, I never thought about giving up. I became completely focused on losing the weight!

I had a good support system around me that also helped and as the weight disappeared, I felt so much better in myself.

What do you think made you successful?

I stayed focused, completed my diary every day and my confidence and self esteem just kept increasing.

I have never felt this confident in my entire life!

What do you do now that you never thought you would be able to do before?

I go out and socialise, wear nice clothes and enjoy clothes shopping. I don't even mind having my photo taken - I used to hide behind everyone else.

How has your life changed?

I get lots of comments on how well I look and even my mother can't get over how I've changed. She says I have gone from a mouse to a very confident person.

I've purchased a treadmill to try to stick to my exercise program. I also walk the dog every day, and I plan my meals for the week ahead.

In the future, I want to keep the weight off, of course, but also live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Kerry's top tips for losing weight

  • Just make the decision, stay focused on do it. 
  • As your clothes start getting too big - get rid of them and buy new ones
  • If you're going out or going away, always look for the healthy option on the menu

*Individual results may vary

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