Tracking helped Amy meet her goals

Tracking helped Amy meet her goals

For most of her life, Amy had balanced out her social life and love of eating by exercising regularly.

Her active lifestyle worked to keep her weight in check but things changed when she hurt her hips doing a fun run five years ago.

“I lost a lot of motivation to move as it was accompanied by pain and frustration. I overindulged and treated myself often, which without regular exercise, caused my weight gain,” she says. 

“I was eating takeaway and going out for brunch every weekend – pizza, burgers, kebabs, bacon at breakfast. I also liked to treat myself when I went supermarket shopping. Chips and chocolate were my favourite choices, especially if they were on special!”

The moment of truth

These indulgent habits continued until Christmas Day 2017, when Amy had a bit of a wake-up moment.

“I just remember thinking that I didn’t feel good about myself. Clothes I loved didn’t fit any more and I was in denial about the weight gain and refusing to weigh myself," she says. 

“When I stepped on the scales at home and it said 87.7 kg - the heaviest I have ever been in my life - I knew I had to try something.”

After seeing an online promotion for the 12 week online program, and doing the Diet Type Survey, Amy decided to give the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet a go – and she is so glad that she did!

“Seeing results straight away was very motivating. Trusting in the plan and using the tracker works, so it wasn’t hard to stay with it.”

Feeling fantastic

On the program, Amy not only lost a huge 20kg* but she was also suffering less from leg pain, had a greater range of motion and felt happier in herself. 

*In 12 months. Individual results may vary.

“I have more energy and am in less pain now that I am not carrying around the extra weight. I am more excited to socialise and meet new people, as I am not self-conscious about my size.”

Amy also feels confident that she can keep her indulgences under wraps with the help of her favourite online program feature - the online tracker.

“I love the online tracker. It is so thorough and helps me to be more aware about the nutritional value of so many foods. I appreciate having access to so many recipes, especially considering they can be added directly to the tracker.”

Amy's top tips for success

  1. Trust in the plan and stick to your goals
  2. Be honest and enter everything into the tracker – it will demonstrate any bad habits really fast
  3. Treat it like a game – find a non-food way to reward yourself for meeting your targets, or gain satisfaction in watching the bars grow to their weekly tallies
  4. Get family on board so that if you can’t cook for yourself, you know you will still get meals that meet your targets
  5. Read the success stories – I found the real life stories really motivating to start my own journey

If you want to make a change to your life like Amy learn more about our 12 week online program here 

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