With 3 young children, Kelly decided her health had to improve

With 3 young children, Kelly decided her health had to improve

Kelly was studying nursing and raising three kids when she decided that it was time to do something about her weight. As is common for many of us, she never really had any big issues with food but the weight still crept on over the years.

At the end of the Total Wellbeing Diet program, she had lost an impressive 19 kg*. Her husband, who ate what she ate, also lost over 20 kg*. But even better than that, Kelly had her confidence back and is now living an active and healthy life.

*In 7 months. Individual results may vary. 

In this Q&A with Kelly, she explains what made her decide to change lifestyle and what challenges she faced on the way.

How did you put on the weight?

"After having my third child finding the time to exercise and plan a healthy menu for the week was very difficult. As a result I ate whatever was available at that moment and I didn’t engage in any planned exercise. To compound these problems I also ate when I felt stressed, which was regularly, as I had three children under five and was studying nursing at university part-time."

"Before losing the weight I avoided having my photograph taken and I avoided going clothes shopping since both of these activities made me feel self-conscious. I stopped riding my surfboard as I was too heavy and couldn’t paddle onto any waves any more. I also started having heart palpitations and this scared me."

What made you decide you had to lose the weight?

"I knew I was becoming increasingly at risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I finished my nursing degree and knew that if I was going to encourage others to be healthy, the best example I could give them was to be healthy myself."

"I also wanted to be a good example to my children, who are now at the age to start making their own food choices when I am not around. I want them to make wise choices so I need to make them too."

Why did you choose the Total Wellbeing Diet?

"I saw the diet being talked about on a current affairs program. I knew that the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet had to be a scientifically proven diet otherwise CSIRO would not put their name to it. I also knew that this diet was not a money making scheme as they were offering to give you your money back."

What do you like about the program?  

"I love everything! The menus take all the stress and time out of planning the family’s diet for the week, and I have confidence that we are getting the recommended daily intake of everything that we need for good health. The shopping list is brilliant and makes the weekly shop easy. The online charts show me how I am progressing and keep me motivated. Reading other member’s stories reminds me that I am not alone, and if others can do it then so can I."

"In the early days the exercise program was great at helping me to remember to stay active, then it became more of a guide, and finally I didn’t use it any more as I fell in love with exercise because it made me feel great."

How has your life changed?

"I am a very active person now. I play soccer in a women’s team and I have great new connections in my community as a result. I also have made some lovely friends at the gym I attend. Clothes shopping is fun and having a photo taken isn’t a problem to me. My heart palpitations have pretty much stopped and I am feeling fantastic."

"My husband and children have been eating what I eat because it is great food, and my husband has lost over 20 kilos*. I feel much more relaxed about his health status and future too!"

Kelly’s top 5 tips to weight loss

  • Make a plan for what you are going to do instead of eating if you are stressed/bored etc.
  • Find a friend or relative who wants to lose weight too and do it together.
  • Do the shopping weekly and not daily - that way healthy food is at hand quickly.
  • Keep up with the weekly weigh in - watching your progress is encouraging.
  • Make the decision that eating well and getting exercise is worth the time investment and prioritise this above other things. If you are unhealthy or unwell you will have less ability in the future to do the very things that seem so important to you now.

*Individual results may vary

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