Jane lost weight and still indulged in social situations

Jane lost weight and still indulged in social situations

Over the years, Jane had put on some extra weight thanks to an unbalanced diet and a tendency to overindulge in social situations. Although her health stats remained within the healthy range, her weight made it difficult to do everyday things like bending down to tie her shoelaces or walking up a hill. It was after seeing a photo of herself on holiday that Jane decided to begin the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Jane lost 15 kg* and regained a more balanced way of eating. 

Diet Type: Socialiser

Starting Weight: 84.5 kg

Current Weight: 69.5 kg

Total Loss: 15 kg*

Refund Received: Yes

*In 15 months. Individual results may vary.

Jane’s Story

Describe your life before the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Luckily my health was fine in regards to blood pressure etc., but before I lost my weight, I had trouble doing everyday things like bending down to tie my shoelaces or getting up out of a chair without feeling stiff. I had asthma and couldn’t walk at a pace up a hill. I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and hated shopping.

I didn’t have a balanced diet and often skipped meals and didn’t drink enough water. My diet was very boring, and it didn’t include many vegetables.

Why did you choose the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet?

I was impressed that it was a way of eating rather than a diet. I also had respect for CSIRO and believed that the program must be scientifically founded. I was also impressed that I could get my initial $199 refunded if I followed a couple of easy steps! That helped to motivate me over the initial three months.

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of food and recipes on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. The routine of logging in every day, having a shopping list to follow, uploading my weight and measurements and photo every week have also been really valuable for me.

Your Diet Type is a Socialiser. How has knowing your Diet Type helped your weight loss journey?

Knowing my Diet Type did help as it justified how and why I had such temptations. It also made me aware that if I wanted to stick to the plan, I needed to be flexible in my approach. If I knew that I was going out I would limit my bread intake throughout the week and would not have any indulgences, allowing me to save up my allowances. This would then give me freedom to have a glass of wine, or a piece of garlic bread or a sweet. I was, however, still very conscious of what I should be eating and what I should not! The Thinker in me was never far away!

Jane lost weight and still indulged in social situations

How has your life changed since losing weight?

I can walk without puffing, I don’t get asthma, I can bend down to tie up my shoes and I can get in and out of chairs easily! I also have a lot more energy than I used to, and I actually enjoy shopping and wearing new clothes now!

What advice do you have for others losing weight?

Don’t get frustrated if the weight doesn’t come off quickly. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a way of eating well and will take time! 

What advice do you have for fellow Socialisers?

Be flexible and realise that being on this program doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your social outings.

  • Have a glass of wine but put some ice cubes in the glass to make it go further and make sure that you follow this glass of wine with two glasses of water
  • Have some cheese but remember to count it as part of your tracking
  • Try to avoid the savoury crackers and have the vegetable sticks for your dips instead
  • When going out to a restaurant avoid the meals you know are not good for you and instead have the fish or a meal that isn’t covered in sauce
  • Indulge in an entrée so that you don’t get tempted in having a dessert

Jane's Day on a Plate

Breakfast: Bircher muesli with apple, almonds and apricot 

Lunch: Mediterranean tuna grain salad 

Dinner: Brown rice, chicken and roast vegetable salad

Snacks: Fruit and natural yoghurt

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