5 healthy chocolate recipes the whole family will love

5 healthy chocolate recipes the whole family will love

Craving a healthy chocolate hit? We’ve got you covered. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet features lots of tasty ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Check out some of our top healthy chocolate desserts that the whole family will love (assuming you’re willing to share 😉)

5 healthy chocolate recipes

Black bean and dark chocolate brownie  

These brownies are one of our most popular dessert recipes, and offers some great sneaky health benefits — just don’t tell the kids! Thanks to the addition of black beans, you get a hit of fibre and protein to go along with the chocolatey decadence!

Recipe: Black bean and dark chocolate brownie

Dark choc raspberry bliss balls

This new recipe from our Protein Balance Power meal plan has quickly become a member favourite, and it’s easy to see why. The recipe doesn’t take long to make, the ingredients list is short and you can make 36 of them in one go to keep for up to 10 days! Three balls is a serving, so if you prefer not to share (we get it!) they also freeze well, making them an even sweeter addition to your fortnightly shopping list. 

Recipe: Dark choc raspberry bliss balls

Dark choc and date loaf

This loaf is a great recipe to make when you have company, or even just to enjoy on your own with a hot cuppa. The dark chocolate offers a nice balance to the sweetness from the dates, bananas, maple syrup and apple puree. If you’re able to resist finishing the whole loaf in one week, you can freeze individual slices for up to three months – just thaw in the fridge overnight and toast to warm before serving.

Recipe: Dark choc and date loaf

Banana choc-nut soft serve

Did someone say healthy ice-cream? Yes, please! Using only five ingredients, this ‘soft serve’ is sweetened with bananas (which totally counts towards your daily fruit intake), as well as an indulgent touch of hazelnut-and-chocolate-flavoured spread.

Recipe: Banana choc-nut soft serve

Choc hazelnut strawberry toastie

Everything about this recipe just sounds so right! From the indulgent richness coming from the choc hazelnut spread and cream cheese, to the freshness of strawberries and the extra touch of sweetness from the fruit bread! Quick and easy to whip together when you want that fast hit of chocolate, this toastie is sure to become a family-favourite. 

Recipe: Choc hazelnut strawberry toastie

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