5 best healthy recipes to meal prep

5 best healthy recipes to meal prep

Eating healthily, especially when you're trying to lose weight, is all about preparation. Having a healthy meal ready to go in your fridge will make it easier to avoid fast food when you're hungry and short on time. 

Cooking a few meals in one go (meal prepping) is the best way to ensure you have healthy food on hand, plus it saves you time and money and reduces food waste. 

Keep reading to discover five of the best CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet recipes to meal prep this weekend.  

Ricotta breakfast quiches 

In an ideal world, you'd have the time to cook and enjoy a leisurely healthy breakfast every morning. But we all know reality doesn't work that way! So whether you're always rushed out the door in the morning or frantically trying to get other family members ready, pre-preparing your brekky is a good idea.

This recipe for Ricotta breakfast quiches makes four serves; keep them in the fridge and simply reheat when you're ready to eat. 

Recipe: Ricotta breakfast quiches

Haloumi and sprout quinoa with spiced yoghurt 

Cooking a big batch of grains, like quinoa, on your meal prep day is a great time-saver for the week ahead. Separate the portions into containers or zip-loc bags and keep in the fridge; you can quickly grab one to create a tasty meal. 

This quinoa recipe is simple to prep ahead of time; you can batch cook the quinoa and chargrill the haloumi and vegetables at the same time too. Store them in separate containers in the fridge and simply combine and toss with the dressing when you're ready for lunch!

Recipe: Haloumi and sprout quinoa with spiced yoghurt

Apple and cinnamon mini muffins 

Preparing healthy snacks is just as important as preparing your meals; knowing you have something healthy that can satisfy a sweet craving will stop you from reaching for too many indulgences.

This Apple and cinnamon mini muffin recipe is ideal for a mid-morning snack. The best part is you can freeze them and they'll taste just as good when you reheat them! 

Recipe: Apple and cinnamon mini muffins

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Moroccan chickpea, sweet potato and carrot soup

When it comes to meal prepping, soup is king! Soups can be cooked in a large batch, separated into portions and frozen for up to three months. 

This Moroccan chickpea, sweet potato and carrot soup is a CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet member favourite, with a four-and-a-half-star rating! Ideal as a filling lunch or light dinner, this soup is a healthy, hearty and easy option. 

Recipe: 🔒 Moroccan chickpea, sweet potato and carrot soup (member exclusive recipe)

Spiced red lentil and vegetable soup

Another healthy and delicious option for a light lunch, this soup recipe is an easy way to get your veggies in. The recipe doesn't take much time to cook, and best of all, you only need to wash up one saucepan afterwards! Double the recipe to freeze portions; your future self will thank you when you don't feel like cooking again! 

Recipe: 🔒 Spiced red lentil and vegetable soup (member exclusive recipe)

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