Sabina lost 12.6 kg with the Fast Start Shakes

A before and after image of Sabina showing her very noticeable weight loss.

Sabina knew she had to do something to lose weight. She felt so uncomfortable, and her knees were hurting 24/7. To console herself and ease the pain, she’d eat a bar of chocolate or reach for a glass of wine.

Concerned about her rising blood pressure, she looked for solutions, but seemed to settle on unsupportive, fad diets that only saw her gain weight and lose confidence. She then turned to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and did the Fast Start meal replacements.

Weight lost to date: 12.6 kg*

*In 12 Weeks. Individual results may vary.

Sabina's Story  

Why did you join the program?

I knew I had to do something to lose weight, as I felt so unwell, so uncomfortable, my knees were 24/7 in pain but I just couldn’t commit, so I would delete the emails sent to me and eat a bar of chocolate to console myself, and maybe a glass of red as well. Then, I was invited to take part in their pilot study for Fast Start.

Meal replacements, I thought, maybe I can do this. It’s not forever, 12 weeks and it's either lose the weight now or never. My blood pressure was through the roof, and my doctor was very worried about me. I was promised online support, and I really liked that, because already I knew from the start, if I struggled someone would be there for me, to encourage me to keep going. I could do all this in the comfort of my own home, weighing in myself, recording the measurements myself.

Sabina standing, watching Beauty and the Beast at an exhibition

What were the most positive aspects of using the meal replacements and CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet program?

No stomach aches. I loved the taste of the shakes with chocolate being my favourite. I began to look forward to drinking them daily, and this became a lovely mindful thing for me to do twice a day then transitioning to one a day.

If I had to go out, it meant that I could take a Fast Start Shake with me on the go, it was so convenient. The shakes also filled me up so I wasn’t hungry. The first Sunday weigh in I lost a whopping 2.1 kgs! This was the first time a diet was giving me huge results. I loved the encouragement I kept receiving from the digital weight loss coach - Hope was there with messages of support. It boosted my resolve to keep going and to give this my best shot.

I was totally committed to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. I was seeing results every week. Because of the weight loss and by me eating better, I also had more energy. I began making healthy choices at the supermarket.

The program caused a ripple effect in my life, my headaches were no longer happening as intense or as frequent. My knee became less sore, and I had pain free days. My clothes became loose, I have dropped two dress sizes! My weight loss got gold stars, and I liked looking at that. I felt really proud, and it spurred me on! 

Did the meal replacements help curb your cravings? If so, in what way?

Yes! I felt satisfied. I didn’t have the urge to snack and graze. They were delicious and I didn’t feel the cravings set in. They went away. I realised that because that happened to me, I was going to succeed, that I could do it, lose the weight, and I did, and I am so happy and grateful. That was the game changer for me.

How did you find transitioning to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet whole foods meals?

When my husband got home from the hospital, he needed around the clock care at home. I stayed on the Fast Start Shakes longer than planned. I chose to do that, purely for convenience sake. I still want to keep the Fast Start Shakes in my daily eating plan, because I love them, and look forward to them! When I did transition I looked forward to the meal plans each week, and I could go back to my new favourite dinners and swap. 

Sabina after losing weight

How important was it for you to have the support of the online program and access to tools as you transitioned from the Fast Start Shakes?

I loved the food tracker as it was easy to use and navigate. The online tutorials were great too - it’s so good to be informed, to keep learning. Anytime I reached out to the Member Success Team, they would respond quickly. All the support was at my fingertips, on the iPad, 24/7.

How do you feel now that you’re losing the weight?

CSIRO Total wellbeing Diet has been a Godsend. Truly, it has! At 62, I am living my best life. I even got myself a casual job. I feel great (not all the time, life still happens). I am healthier and happier because I am lighter. I am loving life! 

Sabina's day on a plate

A rustic grey baking tray with baked salmon and pesto on top.

Breakfast: Fast Start Shake

Lunch: Fast Start Shake

Dinner: Baked pesto salmon

To learn more about our Fast Start Shakes, click here. 

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