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    Start the road to weight loss together

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    By Claire Stephenson

    We all know that the road to weight loss can have many detours and rocky road mishaps – pun intended. Yet this sometimes overwhelming journey can feel slightly smoother when there’s someone else in the car.

    Cue your trusty navigator. They’re right there with you, not only to reach the same destination, they’re also there to help you navigate a more untroubled, gentle path to success.

    So what makes a great navigator/weight loss buddy?



    Not all relationships have what it takes to be a successful weight loss buddy partnership. You both have to really want to reach that final destination and achieve your individual goals.

    It should be fairly clear to tell who’s not the right person to start this journey with. They’re always taking you down the wrong road and you find yourself constantly making u-turns to get back to the highway.

    What makes a great navigator is different for each driver. They may not be your loved one or best friend, but you can rely on them to keep you on the straight and narrow and call on them for whatever you may need to do it.

    Tips for when you're in the passenger's seat

    Weight loss buddies are just two people ready to support each other achieve their individual weight loss goals and this can come in the form of various pit stops along the way.

    1. Exercise together1

    This can be a great way to catch up and give your buddy that extra push to stay focused and on track. Tip: Decide at the beginning how much time you both can realistically dedicate to working out together, and commit to it. There’s nothing worse than the “I can’t today" text.


    2. Meal prep together Blogpostmealprep

    Meal prepping for the week can be a slightly laborious task, so why not make it a social affair and use it as another chance to catch up with your weight loss buddy through the week.


    3. Offer time 3

    In today's busy society, between looking after the family, work, and social events, it can be hard to find the much needed time to dedicate to yourself. Give your weight loss buddy the gift of time. It can be as simple as offering to look after the kids, doing the ironing, or walking the dog, while they go to a exercise class, or the gym. They’ll love you for it, and no doubt return the favour.


    Ian and Helen lost 34 kg with our 12 week programBlogpostsuccessstory


    With the weight loss came energy and now we do a lot of walking together.

    If we can do it anyone can!

    Husband and wife, Helen and Ian Burgess joined the 12 week CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Program in February 2018. They lost a combined 29 kg, and Helen continued on our 4 week Healthy Boost Program to loose a further 5 kg.