Jim and Christine wanted to return to their active lifestyle

Jim and Christine wanted to return to their active lifestyle

Jim and Christine used to be a very active couple but over the years gained weight from poor food choices. When they decided it was time to lose the weight, it made sense for them to do it together. The result was a combined loss of 18kg* and a return to their former active lifestyle.

*In 3 months. Individual results may vary. 

How did you put on the weight?

"I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with our two grand-daughters; and my aerobic condition was so poor I was driving to work where I previously walked. I had a nap most afternoons when I wasn’t at work," says Jim.

"The weight loss happened steadily over a twenty-year period, just bit by bit, due to over-eating the wrong foods, and little exercise."

Why did you decide to join the Total Wellbeing Diet?

"We saw the Total Wellbeing Diet featured on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ TV show and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the person representing CSIRO," says Jim.

"As CSIRO’s motivation is not mere profits, we felt confident that the advice would be accurate, unbiased and presented with a degree of integrity that others could not command."

Why did you decide you finally had to lose the weight?

"When I turned sixty-nine, I looked in the mirror and decided that I didn’t want to look like that on my seventieth birthday. I had been a keen if untalented long distance runner and triathlete, plus an opening bowler for my cricket team, until my knee brought it all to a crashing stop at age fifty-two," says Jim.

"I was looking at a double knee replacement, and I thought I should lose some weight before the surgery, that was the motivation to lose weight and exercise. I now cycle and walk with Jim. It has made me get back into exercise. My knees have improved and I am sure it is because of my weight loss," says Christine.

Describe a typical day now in terms of food and exercise?

"We make sure we have the required food units, like bread, fruit, meat or fish and vegetables. I also love that you can have an indulgence a day, as I love crisps and I don’t feel guilty if I have a small packet," Christine says.

"Christine and I have resumed cycling - I hadn’t ridden my triathlon bike for nearly twenty years - as well as walking, often for two hours. I’m also again lifting weights, which I used to enjoy doing," Jim says.

Have your family and friends been supportive of your weight loss?

"Certainly," Jim says. "Our two children are very impressed, and our two grand-daughters think we look better. Our friends took a while to admit that we had lost weight, but now have ‘come around’ and are supportive, if a little jealous. I’ve encouraged several workmates to try the Total Wellbeing Diet."

What is the most important thing you have learnt on the Total Wellbeing Diet?

"Portion sizes make all the difference. As I am the main cook in the home, I am more aware of what I put on our plates. Variety is very important and CSIRO gives us that with the menu plan," Christine says.

"Age is only a number, and if we nurture our bodies with good food and exercise, we can enjoy good health and fitness into the future," Jim adds.

Jim and Christine's tips for losing weight

  1. Do it with someone else - it helps.
  2. Look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Do I want to look like this forever”? Be brutally honest with yourself.
  3. Measure your progress, but not daily. Once a week is better, as unavoidable daily variations can cloud your view of your progress.
  4. Grit your teeth, and resist the temptation to rely on fast food of any description. 
  5. Make extra food and have it in the fridge; we make sure we exercise first thing in the morning, and it gets us moving for the day

*Individual results may vary

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