Sasha feels unstoppable now

Sasha feels unstoppable now

To describe thirty-three-year-old Sasha as busy and active is an understatement. When she isn’t chasing after her two young children, she’s working full time as a physiotherapist, doing a research degree part-time, clocking up the kilometres running or riding her bike.

Yet despite this active lifestyle Sasha’s weight had increased to a level she wasn’t happy with, and her energy levels had dropped, leaving her feeling tired and in need of a sugar hit.

“I knew how to eat well, and our meals were usually good, however, between meals I often reached for snack foods that were high energy to give me quick boosts of energy. I was often tired and put myself last.”

“I had been struggling to get back to a healthy weight for over 12 months and the increased weight was making running less comfortable and aggravating a back and hip injury that I have.”

The battle of the diet

After trying everything from low carb to intermittent fasting to meal replacements, Sasha was resigned to the thought that she couldn’t lose weight.

It wasn’t until a colleague joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and Sasha saw the food that she realised maybe she was lacking a bit of variety and balance when it came to her meals. She joined up to the 12-week online program in the middle of the night and hasn’t looked back.

“At the time of signing up I was so tired and suffered from what I call decision fatigue. To have a meal plan suggested that I could then just adapt for my family was perfect.”

“I wanted to do this for me. I had to take back control of my weight to improve my energy levels, skin, hair, nails and general feelings of health. I also wanted to keep up with my boys and be a great role model for them. I like to be an involved mummy and play on the trampoline, cricket, body board at the beach, so it was important to me."

Starting strong & staying strong

Sasha started strong on the program, lost 12 kg* in 12 weeks, received a refund and saw her fitness levels soar.

* Individual results may vary.

“A few weeks into the program, a friend asked me to fill in a netball game. I used to love netball but hadn’t been on the court for a long time. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the skill, fitness or physique for a skirt! When she asked me though, I had already lost around 4 kg and was so much more confident, so I said yes! The next week I joined a permanent team and am absolutely loving playing again. It’s wonderful and I’m so proud that I overcame my negative thoughts of self-doubt. Some players even complain they can’t keep up or that I never miss a shot now!”

Even when personal circumstances cropped up that caused Sasha to put her weight loss journey on hold, she stayed strong, making the conscious decision to have a maintenance period and focus on her health.

“Initially I beat myself up trying to lose my last 5 kg. I then re-evaluated that this program had many benefits other than the weight loss – eating better and feeling better, being fitter and stronger, having stronger and healthier hair, skin and nails.”

“Now that I have dealt with my speed bumps in life, I have settled into another weight loss period. I have realised though that small weight losses and maintenance are really achievable and add up, so should not be disregarded.”

“I don’t ever feel deprived on this program. I can still indulge, in moderation, and easily adapt my diet to fit my lifestyle. This program absolutely works, so trust it, stick to it and succeed with it.”

Sasha's top tips for staying motivated

Set goals

“Make a plan and just do it. Take small steps and be proud of the changes you make, not just the goals you achieve.”

Just Start

“Motivation doesn’t come out of nowhere, it comes from achievement, so just start!”

Track Your Progress

“Reward or at least pay attention to your progress, in all forms (commitment, exercise, compliance with food units, going to bed earlier, subjective feelings etc) as this is more important than the goal achievement itself.”

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