CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Advent Calendar 2021

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Advent Calendar 2021

Merry Christmas! 

We're celebrating the start of the holiday season with a CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet advent calendar! Countdown the days to Christmas with a healthy habit to help you get into the holiday spirit feeling energised, happy, de-stressed and healthy. 

This page has all the links you need to follow along this month for a very TWD Christmas. Or you can download the PDF and countdown with the calendar.🎄 

1. Set yourself a health goal for the month.

2. Phone a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while. 

3. Try a short resistance workout.

4. Drink at least eight glasses of water

5. Write down five things you're grateful for this holiday season.

6. Make one of our healthy indulgence recipes and share with a friend.

7. Share your favourite CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet blog in the Facebook Private Group.

8. Track everything you eat today in the food tracker

9. Take some time to stretch and relieve tension from your muscles.

10. Watch our Facebook Live on how to handle Christmas stress.

11. Take a walk outside and (safely) enjoy the summer sunshine.

12. Plan to have at least two alcohol-free days this week.

13. Try a relaxing bedtime routine: have a hot bath, read a book, or meditate. 

14. Make a refreshing summer smoothie

15. Read our blog about not giving up on your weight loss goals during the holidays.

16. Instead of watching TV tonight, meet a friend for a walk. 

17. Make a healthy, party-friendly recipe to take to your next party.

18. Write down your new year's resolutions using the SMART goals principle

19. Read our blog about why you don't need to detox after the holidays.

20. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present: get a massage or your nails done. 

21. Spend two minutes today taking deep, relaxing breaths. 

22. Try some healthy mocktail recipes to drink on Christmas day.

23. De-stress with time in nature. Go to the beach or a park, or for a bushwalk.

24. Practice mindful eating: chew your food, savour the tastes, and stop when you're full.

25. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy the day with family and friends!

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